Fantastic Metal Wall Signs Size Guide -Which One’s Best?

Metal Wall Signs Size Guide

Metal Wall Signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but what size works best for you? Here we have our Metal Wall Signs size guide. We have information about our signs, the sizes they come in and how to make the best impact with your metal wall sign display.

Metal Wall Signs

There is such a vast array of metal wall signs on the market, so what makes ours special? Most of our signs are manufactured in Britain, using Welsh steel. Their quality is unsurpassed! They feature high quality images and text and make great additions to homes, offices, and businesses.

History of Metal Wall Art

People have used metal art for interior design since before medieval times. As outlined in the article ‘The History Of Metal Wall Art’ The History of Metal Wall Art (  by Sara Jensen, every day articles like armour and detailed shields of fallen knights often graced the walls of castles. The use of signs is first documented in Greek and Roman history. Made from stone, terracotta, wood, leather, or metals, these signs depicted shapes and images because so many people could not read.

The signs, often used for businesses and public houses, identified different trades. In addition to this, signs also denoted membership of different groups too, for example, different religions. Indeed, Richard II created a law in England, in the late 14th Century, that all pubs needed to hang a sign outside to identify it – making it easier for inspectors to check premises and the quality of their ales!


Many metal signs come in a variety of sizes. The smallest size we have available is 150mm x 200mm (think A5 size as a visual guide). These smaller signs are perfect for gifts and make great quick statements. As these small signs are a neat size, they fit in to small spaces, think caravans, campervans, the porch, or the WC! Of course, the smaller signs naturally lend themselves to creating a fantastic montage. If you are going to try a montage effect on your wall, theme it with the style, content, or colour for the best impact.

Montage of Metal Kitchen Signs

The next size available is a perfect poster size. At 300mm x 400mm these metal signs make an immediate impact on any wall. Ideal decorator’s pieces for the home or work, the themes often lend themselves as inspiration where to hang them. Close to A3 in size, the large metal wall signs can look great solo, or when hung together either in a neat trio, or as a clustered montage. The high-quality artwork is sure to make your interior walls sing!

Jumbo signs come in at 500mm x 700mm. The size of these signs creates an amazing ‘advertising sign’ impact on a wall! They are sure to make an immediate impression on your friends, relatives, and customers. As a visual guide they are larger than A2, smaller than A1. If you have a large wall space that you want to fill with a statement piece, then a jumbo sign might be just what you are looking for!

Super Jumbo signs are in a league of their own! At 700mm x 1000mm these signs need an exceptionally large space to display them in, however, they make an amazing impact! If you want to make a statement, particularly for a business premises or a home bar, the super jumbo signs are perfect! Visually these signs are naturally larger than A1 and smaller A0. A considered purchase that will not disappoint!


In addition to selecting the correct size for your space, it is important you select your theme carefully. If, for example, you want to create a home bar, choose the sizes you want to create your impact. If going for a selection, try to select similar colour palates or historical periods, for example, 1980s or Victorian. Styling your signs according to colour and theme will certainly help them to ‘pop’ on your walls. We hope by browsing through our selection of fantastic metal wall signs, you will be inspired to fill your spaces with colour, humour, and special interests. Remember, you can mix and match all sizes, so have fun and go for it!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Metal Wall Signs size guide and feel confident in your purchases. Enjoy browsing our wide range and let your imagination run wild! If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help. Finally, keep checking our site for new stock, we regularly add new lines!

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