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The Metal Wall Signs Blog aims to provide you with insightful information about our products and the history behind them. In addition to this, we like to share snippets of history about subject matters of interest, we hope you find this useful!

We update our Metal Wall Signs blog regularly, so pop back to find out more fascinating facts and inspiration for your purchases! Future blogs will include the history behind Alchemy Art, why humorous signs make great gifts and signs for the garden. You may also enjoy the blogs on our sister site Sweet and Nostalgic.



Advertising Signs : Remarkably Vintage Replicas are Making a Comeback

Advertising signs, part of human civilisation for centuries, and their evolution is a fascinating journey. These signs played an integral …

Butlins Skegness Railway Poster Metal Wall Sign

Vintage style railway poster signs make fantastic decorator’s pieces.

Replica vintage railway poster signs are a great way to add character and charm to any home or business decor. …


Amazing Reproduction 1950s Diner Metal Wall Signs For You.

Retro reproduction 1950s diner metal wall signs that are making a comeback in home decor. Explore the reasons why you should consider displaying these metal wall signs.

Pears Soap Vintage Advertising Sign

Awesome Replica Vintage Bathroom Wall Art To Inspire You!

Modern Bathrooms in our homes are a necessity. One of the most influential styles currently are Victorian bathrooms. The finished rooms often include replica vintage bathroom wall art, but why is this interior style so fashionable? 


Vintage Advertising Signs, Their History and Why We Love Them!

Advertising signs are not a 20th century invention. They come in all shapes and sizes and often delight consumers with their artistic style, wit and design. This blog investigates vintage advertising signs, their history and why we love them!

Personalised Not Licensed To Sell Metal Wall Art

Why Do Personalised Signs Make Amazing Gifts?

Personalised Signs Make Great Gifts! There is no doubt that personalised signs make great gifts! Why, may you ask? Well, …