Bisto Kids Metal Wall Art (4 sizes)

The iconic image of the 2 Bisto urchins, although not included in Bisto advertising for many years, many people still recognise them. This is a great decorator’s piece for kitchens, dinning rooms, cafes and restaurants wishing to emulate a nostalgic vibe. Small £7, Large £14, Jumbo £37, Super Jumbo £85.

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Bisto Kids Metal Wall Art ( 4 Sizes )

Though not included in advertising for many years, Bisto Kids remain recognisable to many people. The Bisto Kids, a boy and girl in ragged clothes, smelled the odour of Bisto on the breeze, exhaling longingly, “Aah, Bisto!” This clever gambit aimed to capture the all-important “Oliver Twist” (or “urchin”) segment of the working-class market. The Bisto Kids were also part of more elaborate advertising campaigns in later years This is a great decorator’s piece for kitchens, dinning rooms, cafes and restaurants wishing to emulate a nostalgic vibe.


Your Bisto Kids Metal Wall Art will come with pre drilled holes in each corner for easy fixing. We recommend that your Metal Wall Art is suitable for Indoor hanging (preferably out of direct sunlight) or in a shaded area outside. These signs are NOT UV treated, but you can apply a suitable UV resistant spray post purchase to prolong it’s vibrant colours for a longer period of time ( available from most DIY stores and online ). Signs placed in direct sunlight will naturally fade over time. However, placing your sign in the right place will ensure years of happy viewing.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this, and we will be happy to offer advice. If you like the look of our range and love a bit of nostalgia, why not pop over to our parent company Sweet and Nostalgic where we offer a wide range of gifts from the 20th century.

Size Guide :
Small : 15cm x 20cm : Weight : 0.16 Kg
Large : 30cm x 40cm: Weight : 0.7 Kg
Jumbo : 50cm x 70cm : Weight : 2.4 Kg
Super Jumbo : 700mm x 1000mm : Weight : 3.75 Kg

Additional information

Weight N/A
Sign Size

Super Jumbo (700mm x 1000mm), Jumbo (500mm x 700mm), Large (300mm x 400mm), Small (150mm x 200mm)


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