Classic Whiskey Cocktails Metal Wall Art (4 sizes)

Recipes for 9 Whiskey Cocktails on this durable Metal Wall Sign, great for Home Bars or local Public House. Learn how to make Old Fashioned’s, Rusty Nails and Whiskey Sour’s. Small £7, Large £14, Jumbo £37, Super Jumbo £85.

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Whiskey Cocktails Metal Wall Art (4 sizes)

Ever wanted a menu to help you create art of those delicious whiskey cocktails ? , then you’ve just found it.. This great metal wall sign can take pride of place next to the drinks cabinet and all you need to do is glance over and follow the recipe to produce all of these stunning cocktails : Measures are not included, so why not give yourself house measures !

Whiskey Cocktail Recipes. Learn how to make a :
Manhattan – Whiskey, Sweet Red Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, a Maraschino Cherry.
Old Fashioned – Whiskey, a Sugar Cube, Angostura Bitters, Soda Water and a Twist of Citrus
Mint Julip – Whiskey, Water, Sugar and Mint Leaves
Sazerac – Whiskey, Absinthe, a Sugar Cube, Peychauds Bitters and a Twist of Citrus
Rickey– Whiskey, Sparkling Mineral Water, Half a Lime and Ice
Suburban – Whiskey, Dark Rum, Port and Bitters
Rusty Nail – Whiskey, Drambuie and Ice
Blood and Sand – Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Cherry Heering, Blood Orange Juice
Whiskey Sour – Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Water, Sugar and Ice


Your Classic Whiskey Cocktails Metal Wall Art will come with pre drilled holes in each corner for easy fixing. We recommend that your Metal Wall Art is suitable for Indoor hanging (preferably out of direct sunlight) or in a shaded area outside. These signs are NOT UV treated, but you can apply a suitable UV resistant spray post purchase to prolong it’s vibrant colours for a longer period of time ( available from most DIY stores and online ). Signs placed in direct sunlight will naturally fade over time. However, placing your sign in the right place will ensure years of happy viewing.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this, and we will be happy to offer advice. If you like the look of our range and love a bit of nostalgia, why not pop over to our parent company Sweet and Nostalgic where we offer a wide range of gifts from the 20th century.

Size Guide :
Small : 15cm x 20cm : Weight : 0.16 Kg
Large : 30cm x 40cm: Weight : 0.7 Kg
Jumbo : 50cm x 70cm : Weight : 2.4 Kg
Super Jumbo : 700mm x 1000mm : Weight : 3.75 Kg

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Super Jumbo (700mm x 1000mm), Jumbo (500mm x 700mm), Large (300mm x 400mm), Small (150mm x 200mm)


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