Take your Dog by Rail Poster Metal Wall Art (4 sizes)

British Railway Poster advertising that you can Take your Dog by Rail. A well behaved Scottie Dog sits patiently by their masters belongs waiting to board the train, printed on a Metal Wall Art. This picture comes from the National Railway Museum Archives. Perfect gift for a railway enthusiast or collector of vintage advertising signs. Small £7, Large £14, Jumbo £37, Super Jumbo £85.

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National Railway Museum Take your Dog by Rail Poster Metal Wall Art (4 Sizes)

Railway Poster from the Mid 20th Century. Nowadays you can take you Dog on British Rail for Free. However, back when this lovely poster was in circulation, you would pay for a single fare. This covered you for a return trip with your pooch. Often regarded as the golden age of Train travel, these travel posters are familiar to generations of train travellers across the UK. In addition to this, most of these artworks encouraged families to explore the United Kingdom via train. Specially commissioned artists such as Ronald Lampitt, Norman Wilkinson and Frank Henry Mason produced beautiful British Rail Travel Posters for all of the major towns and cities across the UK. This one, for example, pictures a Scottie Dog sitting attentively by their master’s golf clubs and luggage bag. The advert covers travel on the GWR, LMS, LNER and SR lines. Perfect gift for a railway enthusiast or, likewise, collectors of vintage advertising.


Your Take your Dog by Rail Poster Metal Wall Art will come with pre drilled holes in each corner for easy fixing. We recommend that your Metal Wall Art is suitable for Indoor hanging (preferably out of direct sunlight) or in a shaded area outside. These signs are NOT UV treated, but you can apply a suitable UV resistant spray post purchase to prolong it’s vibrant colours for a longer period of time ( available from most DIY stores and online ). Signs placed in direct sunlight will naturally fade over time. However, placing your sign in the right place will ensure years of happy viewing.

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Size Guide :
Small : 15cm x 20cm : Weight : 0.16 Kg
Large : 30cm x 40cm: Weight : 0.7 Kg
Jumbo : 50cm x 70cm : Weight : 2.4 Kg
Super Jumbo : 700mm x 1000mm : Weight : 3.75 Kg

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Super Jumbo (700mm x 1000mm), Jumbo (500mm x 700mm), Large (300mm x 400mm), Small (150mm x 200mm)


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